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  1. Default Need help with New Hampshire to Florida itinerary

    Well, it looks like it's time to hit the road again, so the first thing I always do is visit ROADTRIP AMERICA for advice.

    I'll be traveling from Litchfield, NH to Trinity, Florida (Nashua, NH to New Port Richey, FL is close enough). I did a similar trip once before, but it was during the summer, and I did it in 4 days.

    I'd like to make the trip in as few days as possible. I've heard that 3 days is very do-able.

    I will be leaving New Hampshire around December 1st, weather permitting.

    I look forward to your route and stop over suggestions. They have always proven to be invaluable.

    Thanks again!

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    3 days is doable for this trip, but it is also basically the minimum amount of time needed for this trip. If you see bad weather - which is quite possible in December - you may end up needing to take a 4th day for this trip too.

    For route - I'd stick with the same route that was suggested when you asked about this similar route earlier this year.

    For overnights, Winchester, VA and Orangeville or St. George SC would be good places to aim for.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael! Since 81 and 77 are a bit more inland, I wasn't sure if it would be better to take a route that is closer to the coast, since it is December.

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    The route closer to the coast would be I-95 - the most heavily traveled and over congested highway in North America - which would take you right through NYC, Baltimore, and Washington. That's a route to avoid anytime of year.

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    I-95 should be avoided anywhere between Boston and Richmond VA any time of year. Not only is it congested, there are a lot of tolls.

    Back in June, I drove it from Philly to Baltimore on a Sunday afternoon, and it was miserable. I really had no other viable option to get where I needed to be from where I was.

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    Good advice glc, thank you. I've been playing with the AAA triptik map and this is what I've come up with. I'll head to Scranton via Route 84. Then get on 81 and stay overnight in Chambersburg, PA. From there I'll continue down 81 to 77. The second night I'll stay in Columbia, SC. After that, I'll head for 95. Once in Florida, I'll get on 301 and head towards Ocala. Get on 75 then I'm in the home stretch. It seems like that will be about 7 1/2 hours of driving a day and roughly 500 miles, give or take. Does that seem about right to you?

    This is sort of a test run because I've got to make the exact same trip in the beginning of January. (Driving down and flying back)

    Thanks again!

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