Hey everyone, first post here.

My girlfriend and I are trying to plan a road trip out west to visit some of the national parks. We made a rough draft itinerary, and I was just looking for some input as to how feasible this would be. Neither of us have been out west so we're not really sure how to approach it.

Here's the basic itinerary that we put together.

Day 1: Fly into Las Vegas and spend the night
Day 2: Drive to and visit the Grand Canyon
Day 3: Grand Canyon all day
Day 4: Drive to and visit Zion National Park
Day 5. Spend day in Zion, drive to Bryce Canyon in the evening
Day 6: Bryce Canyon
Day 7: Drive to Arches in the AM , spend day there
Day 8: Drive to and visit the Rocky Mountains
Day 9: Rocky Mountains/ Denver
Day 10: Fly home from Denver

My hunch is that this all might be a little ambitious for a 10 day trip. We would like to try and see as much as we can while we're out there, but also would like to take enough time to enjoy each place and relax a bit. This seems like it would be a lot of ground to cover, and my concern is that it would get tiring with all the hiking and driving. Any input or different park recommendations would be greatly appreciated!