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    Hi, I am planning a trip to the Grand Canyon from NC. I was thinking about renting a vehicle for the drive there and flying back. I have 9 days to take this trip and wanted recommendations on stops. I have never planned a road trip before. Any links to help me plan this would be great. I have a 12 year old and a 16 year old who will be with me. Thanks. This is for Spring 2018.

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    Default Another option.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Although your plan is totally doable you will be facing the possibility of hefty one way drop off fees on your car rental. It's a 4 day drive each way so driving each way is not really an option but it could be worth looking into return flights and rent a car out west. It will be more relaxed and give you extra time to explore areas around the GC while perhaps not costing as much extra as you may think by the time you add fuel to the one way rental.

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    If you really want to drive across country, it's certainly an option, but have you looked at the cost of renting a car one way for a trip like this? As Dave mentioned, it is quite likely that it would be a fair bit cheaper to fly to Vegas and rent a car from there. You could use the extra time out west to then also explore some of the other National Parks and Natural Wonders in that area, like Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Monument Valley.

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    For a family of 3, you could look into a fly-drive into either Las Vegas or Phoenix. Paying for the round trip flights for 3 would be about the same price as the one-way drop-off fee. Yipes! As others have suggested, may as well use that time saved (and money too) in tooling around the area -- Sedona, Zion, Bryce. Bear in mind that it may be a bit "chilly" up on the Canyon rim in the spring. We've been to the Grand Canyon a number of times, but felt the need for a winter coat in our trip in April, and an electric heater for our RV. The Rim is at 7000' elevation, that's why.


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