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    Default Tools for creating time-lapsed video of road trip

    Can anyone recommend a recording device (camera? phone?, something else?) for creating a time lapsed video of your road trip? Also what have folks used to mount said device inside the vehicle? Then of course what software is recommended to edit the video down to a time-lapsed video? Looking to create a time lapsed video each day of an upcoming 3 1/2 week cross country trip.

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    There are plenty of dash-cams on the market right now, and the price point has gotten quite low. That would certainly be the easiest way, since it is designed to do exactly what you are looking for, and should come with everything you need to mount the device inside your vehicle.

    Such a camera may even come with software that would make it easy to create a time lapse video, but if not, really any good video editing software should be able to easily take the video files into one long, time-lapse, clip.

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    Honestly, I have used the iPhone for timelapse video on a few occasions, and it worked out great! Solid quality, and easy to use and work with. I personally used Lightworks (the free version) to edit my videos. There are many options out there for mounting it to the dash... but then you wouldn't have it to use as a phone during that time.

    Maybe a GoPro if you want the wide angle lens?

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