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  1. Default New york to Toronto and back

    I will be flying to New York from the 23 rd Nov and leaving on the 7th Dec from New York.

    23.11.17 to 28.11.17 :This is my first time to the east coast of America. I plan to spend the first few days in New York from the 23rd Nov to 28rd Nov.

    29.11.17: After that to drive towards Niagara falls with a stopover somewhere in between on the 29th Nov. Any suggestions on which town to have a stopover for the night? Are there any interesting places I can visit along the way?

    30.11.17 to 3.12.17: I will visit Niagara falls on the 30th and then drive onto Toronto where I will stay till the 3rd of December.

    4.11.17 to 6.11.17: From the 4th Dec ember to 6th December I plan to drive back down towards New York. Here I hope to visit places with nice scenery, interesting places and appreciate suggestions and tips. I am not so sure what the weather will be like during this time of the year. Will it be too cold to enjoy the lakes, countryside area etc. My flight from JFK airport is at 11.20 am on the 7th Dec. Instead of spending the night before in New York. Can anybody suggest somewhere outside New York which I can stay and drive in under 1.5 hrs or so to make the check in time of 9.20 am.

    Open to all suggestions and ideas. Thanks to all.

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    Hello, and Welcome to the Grreat American Roadtrip Forum.

    Others, I am sure, will be able to fill you in on things you are interested in. But for an 11.20am flight, I would be staying as close to the airport as possible. Peak hour traffic on a weekday could mean anything. A hold up could have you miss check-in and luggage drop off. Furthermore, if this is an international flight, then you would need to be there by 8.20am - three hours before departure.

    I have seen my share of disappointed travellers arriving at the last minute. In fact it happened to my daughter and her family once, all because of traffic holdups.


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    Niagara Falls is a sight! In order to appreciate this, it is necessary to take a walking tour for several kilometers and admire both the waterfall itself and the funnel that is on the opposite side from the waterfall.
    But be sure to plan this walk in a nice warm, preferably sunny, day Walk (lasts 15-30 minutes) is literally next to the jets of the waterfall. There will be a lot of splashing, and sometimes you will have to walk on the water. Therefore, good weather is desirable. Please note that you will have to take off your shoes. You will be given a cloak and wonderful slippers, which can and should be taken for a keepsake! Very good, if you have a waterproof camera. There are wonderful pictures, a beautiful rainbow, which is formed in the sun due to the water dust rising from the bubbling jets, looks great in the pictures! It is not difficult to walk but note that it is necessary to climb the stairs. I liked that place!

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