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  1. Default New to the RV world, but boy do I have the itch!

    Hey folks!!

    I've only recently started to feel the itch to hit the road in an RV and I found y'all through the local RV convention that's hitting Dallas next week. I wanted to reach out to y'all to ask all the usual basic questions (don't worry, I'm saving a lot for the convention), but really to ask from a relatively young pup to the older and MUCH WISER folks on here for some honest advise.

    I'm a young lad of 44 (next week 09-11) and with a family of 5 (including myself). The teen daughter is getting ready to move out next year once she's finished high school and we've decided that we want to move from Texas. BUTTTT... I think we may end up staying here and doing some RVing across the country on a part time basis until the little ones (8 and 6) are older and maybe even moved out on their own as well. We're going to the convention next week to "dream" and see what's out there and to get our feet wet with ideas. My wife is fine with whatever we do, as long as we're together. Due to medical issues, she will not be able to drive unless I'm too tired and we need to get to our destination (mainly to be safe). I want to start out in a smaller trailer probably since I'd like to get a truck in 2019 (leased vehicle will be up then) and then a few years later look at getting a trailer that will suffice for maybe a week. The end game would be that eventually I'll retire and then go RVing on a more permanent basis as the little ones turn into adults and don't require our services.

    As folks that know me can attest to, I can definitely "talk"/type a story so I'll try to keep this short. I love the site and the info available. I'm very excited, no VERY excited to go to the Dallas RV show next week. I'd like to think that I'm fairly grounded and I know my wife would say that I over analyze things to the point that she gives up and wants to smack me upside the head. I don't have any grandiose ideas about making buckets of money in the next 6 years and then buying one of those luxury coaches for half a million bucks.

    I love the outdoors, yet my wife is not that much of an outdoorsie person. She'd rather stay inside and not be around bugs, but enjoys the sights. My son has allergies like crazy so we have to be on top of his medicine or else he gets out of whack for weeks. To add to his misery, he's got asthma and can't be outdoors much while it's hot. My younger daughter doesn't seem to mind the outdoors, but would rather be by mommy instead. A trip to the local park will cure this as they LOVE to play outside (thank goodness!!). They must get that from me since I was always outside as a kid.

    No questions to this point as it's getting late and I wanted to post a little about myself here and give you a glimpse of what my big plans are for RVing in the future. It may go sideways and I never get out of Dallas again, but it just might... more than likely, it will get pretty fun around these parts and we'll be doing our best to get to the million mile club like some of y'all have already. If you have any tips or great sites that have RVing 101 for us young un's that aren't quite there yet, but want to get the information flowing and would like to know more about me/us/the trips to come, please feel free to reach out to me here.

    Shout out to AZBuck and the other regulars here as I'd love to plan a trip or 5 to drop by and hang out with y'all for a day or so in the future. Thanks for getting this far in my post and I look forward to constructive and helpful tips for the new kid on the block here. I'll be coming back to the forums to gain more tidbits from the past posts and hopefully our little family will be on the road with y'all soon enough!!


    - - - Updated - - -

    I apologize for all the bad punctuation and run on sentences. I've been up since 4:30AM this morning and just had to get a post in before bed. :)


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    Welcome to RTA!

    As a former RV'er, most of my life as a matter of speaking, I have a lot of experience with the move up -- from tent to pop-up tent trailer to 5W, and somewhere in there we owned a little 16' TagAlong travel trailer. We've never owned a motorhome (though my folks have) or a truck camper (though I'd like one, hubby doesn't). But they all have their pros and their cons. Before going to the RV show, make a list of what you absolutely need in an RV and what's more of a luxury.

    Kids are very resilient. With the issue of heat and asthma, though, you may want to restrict your RV adventures to a rig with AC parked at a park with hookups. That way, you can plug in and turn on the AC.


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    Before you go and buy anything, I'd recommend you rent a motorhome type RV and take a family trip somewhere. You need to try the lifestyle before you make that kind of commitment!

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    Check out the Escapees RV Club. Active group been around 40 years, have parks and very informative. We traveled for 7 years in a motorhome and were members.
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    Your best friend for RV is YouTube. There are some great RV related videos on how-to, what type or RV is best for your situation and pros/cons. RVing with kids, family, RVing in winter, summer, where to stay, Walmart parking overnight and just about all you need to know.

    I recommend you watch some videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm98 View Post
    Your best friend for RV is YouTube. There are some great RV related videos on how-to, what type or RV is best for your situation and pros/cons. RVing with kids, family, RVing in winter, summer, where to stay, Walmart parking overnight and just about all you need to know.

    I recommend you watch some videos.
    I second that. YouTube is an amazing resource! I would also definitely suggest you visit as many RV shows and RV dealers as you can! Hop into as many rigs as possible before you go. My wife and I changed our thoughts on what we thought we needed/wanted about 5 times over 6 months!

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