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    Hi all,

    We are traveling to drop our daughter to college in Seattle. We plan to drive from Sacramento on 16th Sept am (or even 15th). We want to go through Oregon coast- Maybe spend a day/2 on the road ( in B&Bs /hotels) And arrive in Seattle on the 18th and head into Victoria, BC. We have driven to Vancouver BC multiple times, always on I-5, stopping in Portland overnight on the way up and on the way back, we usually spend a night in Ashland. We have never done Oregon coast before.

    We are 2 parents, a 18 year old and a 4 year old. We love beaches and IPAs and will be driving in a Subaru. we love a comfortable , clean bed and good breakfast. No hiking with the 4 year old. no museums. just want to run free.


    1. Where do we spend the night?

    2. What should we not miss?

    3. Any ideas from veterans on the "inside scoop"- places to visit.

    4.Best route to use.

    5.Which Breweries not to miss.

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Hug the Coast

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Well, for starters, three days, the 16th through the 18th inclusive, is roughly what you'll need to make the drive up to Seattle while following the Oregon coast and stopping at even a few of the many, many excellent state parks along the way. I'd also encourage a stop at historic Fort Clatsop. Each of those venues will offer some great scenery and very nice short hikes that even your four-year-old won't find too taxing. I would not encourage you to leave on the evening of the 15th, mostly because it really won't help all that much, will further disrupt the sleep schedule of the toddler, and will just add another night's lodging bill to your budget.

    Overnight stops should be roughly around Crescent City CA and Newport OR. Those would let you get a good running start on the first day while still leaving a little time to explore Redwoods National Park, then take two leisurely days up the coast while staying in one of the larger towns on the way.

    As for the rest, if not already obvious from the above, I would suggest that you just head for the coast I-5 to Redding and CA-299 to McKinleyville, and then just follow US-101 along the coast into Washington where WA-107 will connect you to US-12/WA-8 into the SeaTac area.

    Besides the parks listed above, one other site that my wife and I enjoyed was the Tillamook Forest Center. And frankly, I've never visited a 'bad' craft/local brewery.

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    Instead of using CA-299 to get to US-101, you could use CA-20 from Williams and take the Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. This also may be a bit easier drive, CA-299 is a pretty long stretch of winding mountain road. Also, US-101 is a lot more scenic than I-5.

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    1. Several towns with hotels/motels pick one and be fine
    2. You will not miss I5 and Portland OR traffic
    3. Lot's to see. Can't miss is Tilamook Dairy tours.. Your 4 yrear will enjoy it. Many pullovers to walk few fits to beach walking. This all depends on what time of day and place. Slide down famous sand dunes on HWY 101, that's one of the fun activities.
    4. Crescent City, CA should be very good start...


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