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  1. Default Planning a trip in late April

    Hey guys :)

    I'm 24 and planning a cross country trip with my bestie this April -ish.
    I have been to the states before but only to Washington, D.C. And Las Vegas.
    I am flying from belfast to New York. I want to spend a few days in New York then move on. I was thinking of staying away from Florida because the only place I'm interested in seeing there is the Everglades and it seems like a good bit to travel to for just one place.
    I love the thought of the south. I would love to see Memphis and New Orleans. Then maybe head over to Texas.
    I'm a real foodie and every time in watch 'diners,drive ins and dives' my mouth waters with all that southern goodness!
    I was also thinking Roswell cuz I'm a syfy girl lol. Then San Francisco down to Los Angeles and finishing in Vegas.
    However, I am a HUGE scenery person and would love to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
    I'm just sooooo confused about what my best option is !
    If you guys could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it! Is the south a good choice?
    Would I like North better? Best scenery? Best drives? Places to see that you wouldn't think of? Please help!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The biggest thing you need to keep in mind is that there is no generic "best" be it best drives, best scenery, etc. What is "best" for you, depends completely on you (and your traveling companion) and what you are interested in. It sounds like the south is where the bulk of your interest lie, so that's probably where you should focus your time, but there are no right or wrong answers.

    The other big factor is time - and you haven't told us how much time you have. No matter what, you won't have time to see everything, but the difference between having a couple of weeks vs a couple of months is very significant.

    I will say that doing a one way trip across country can be very expensive, especially in regards to rental cars, and you could be looking at even more extra fees if you are still under 25 when you embark on this trip. Keep that in mind as you plan.

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    You've also mentioned some northern states. Perhaps you could do a big loop. Be aware that April isn't exactly tourist season in the northern states. Expect cold weather and snow the further north you go.

    Don't shortchange Florida. There are gorgeous beaches all over. The OVERSEAS HIGHWAY runs 130 miles through the Florida Keys. It is a wonderful drive. Once at Key West, you can take the YANKEE FREEDOM ferry 70 miles out to sea and visit DRY TORTUGAS NATIONAL PARK and even camp several nights on the beach. There is great snorkeling right off the beach. You could visit the Everglades as well. Check out the webpage and video of this fabulous National Park.

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    In my opinion, if you are looking for scenery, the mid-west is great! My wife and I were in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona this past March and it was amazing! There is a LOT of amazing scenery crammed into a small area over there. March/April was the perfect time for us, but in March it was still snowing up in the Colorado mountains!

    What type of scenery do you like best? My favorite so far is the red rocks in Colorado/Utah!

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    How long is your trip for?
    We started our road trip across the States in late April of this year for just over 5 weeks and it was amazing! There really is so much you can fit in if you have the time.
    We went down as south as Louisiana and as high as Wyoming and everywhere inbetween!

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