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    Thank you.

    I decided that I could either see Grand Teton or Theodore Roosevelt on my way back. What are the differences between the two and which would you recommend?

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    I would strongly encourage you to spend a little time on the National Parks website so you can really get a look at what the various parks have to offer.

    But Teddy Roosevelt and Grand Teton really couldn't be more different. TRNP is a very nice example of the North Dakota Badlands, while GTNP is a park of mountain peaks and lakes. If you can only do one, and noting that you could go through Badlands National Park in South Dakota on the way out, you'd be giving yourself a bigger variety by going to Grand Teton.

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    You can do Grand Teton while you are at Yellowstone, it's right next door. It doesn't take that long to see unless you want to get out and hike.

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