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  1. Default Taking 15-foot UHaul from Omaha to Seattle I-80 or I-90?


    I'm moving to Seattle next week and going on the four day trip with my mother. We are taking a U-Haul with my mattress and things. I'm wondering what is the safest route to get to Seattle from Omaha would be?

    I-80/84 going through Wyoming, Utah and Oregon


    I-90W going through Wyoming, Montana and North Idaho

    We don't care about adding more time to the trip if it means we would be missing steep grades etc... Taking the truck is making us a little nervous.

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    Either route is perfectly safe - among the things that will go into the safety of your trip, the choice of route is practically irrelevant. Interstate highways are all designed to the same standards, which make them among the safest highways in the world. Also, a 15 foot Uhaul is designed to go across country, while towing a trailer behind it, so you really don't need to be that worried. It will take a little getting used to driving a large vehicle but that's likely going to be the biggest challenge for you.

    Having said all of that, since the two routes are nearly identical in distance, I'd lean towards I-90, which does stay at a lower elevation than I-80. Either way, it's a 1700 mile trip, and you should plan for 3.5 days on the road.

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