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  1. Default Trip in and around California..what to see?


    We are looking at doing a road trip around California. Just yesterday we were about to book a fly drive with an holiday company but decided to wait to have a look and see if we could make it more personalised.

    The things we want to do there is see Yosemite, Las Vegas, probably visit Universal Studio's, Grand Canyon and San Francisco and maybe San Diego (don't know why but i've always wanted to see San Diego Zoo!)
    This is what was included in the pre organised fly drive as it was around some of the things we wanted to see but what I don't want to do is miss some amazing things just through lack of prep or knowledge.

    So basically what I am asking advice for is..

    Any recommendations on routes and what to see/do that include the above 'wishlist' ?

    We are planning to go either Feb, March or April next year. We are both self employed so can go any time in these months. Would anyone recommend a month which is best?

    Also the fly drive included flights from Scotland and hotels at each stop. I don't mind organising these separately but not sure if it would work out a lot more expensive?

    W are planning to do it for 9/10 days max as we are having 4 nights stay in hawaii after it to visit family. Would you say that was enough time to see things and drive to places comfortably?

    Thanks so much in advance for any advice!!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Planning your own trip is always more fun and makes it a personal affair and in my opinion, if you shop around and do your homework can (and usually is) more reasonable on the wallet. I would travel as late as you can in your window of opportunity and taking flight costs into consideration. In Yosemite the high ground will be out of bounds even in April, but in February you still have a real possibility of seeing ice and snow in the valley which could require the use of snow chains, something a lot of rental companies do not want you using. The best priced flights from the UK to the west coast seem to be landing into LA of late, so that could be a good place to start your trip from where you could create a nice loop. Although it's a reasonable amount of time, 9 or 10 days will fly by so you will have to work out at what pace you are willing to travel to see the places on your list and then prioritise if need be. From LA you would first head to SD and then the Grand canyon south rim >Las Vegas> Yosemite >San Francisco and finally down the coast to LA. A couple of things to note are, you won't be able to drive into Yosemite from the east via Tioga Pass as it doesn't usually open until Mid May through to sometime in June. You will need to go south around the mountains via Bakersfield. You could visit Death valley and/or Sequoia NP but time isn't on your side, especially for both. Secondly, if you wish to hug the coastline heading south, you will need at least one overnight stop. To get an idea of Motel costs use the Motel search tool to the right of each page.

    Once you have figured out the basics come back and we can help you with the 'fine tuning'.

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