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    Default From Estes Park to LA

    Hello guys,

    Im new on this forum. Im from Italy and come to USA time by time (usually once a year) for work.
    I have a meeting in Estes Park in September and will rent a car from there to LA (from 26-27 September to the 2nd of October), anybody would like to share the costs and the trip?
    My idea is going directly from Estes to the Grand Canyon NP (I lived in Boulder and already know pretty well the CO and UT NPs), moving to Las Vegas and then to LA through the Sequoia NP. Anyway Im really flexible for deciding the road I just wanna see new things and landscapes.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I've moved your post to the "share the gas" section, where you are far more likely to find another traveler.

    I will note that Estes Park to the Grand Canyon is about 750 miles, and significantly farther than we recommend traveling in a single day. I will also point out that there is no direct route from Vegas to Sequoia NP - you'll have to cross the mountains, drive into the Central Valley, and then head back up into the mountains for Sequoia. In other words, it will take significantly longer to drive than it might appear on a map/as the crow flies, and it could be an issue with you relatively small amount of time for this trip.

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    Thank you for the suggestions!
    According to your post I have changed my plan :-) I wil fly to LA and then rent the car.
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