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    Dear Road trippers,

    I am planning my first big cross country road trip from DC to Colorado and maybe Utah (time allowing). I have one whole month for this road trip. So my plan is to do a scenic drive till CO, stopping a lot on small town to experience local America. I know you can get there in 3 days, but I want to do it in one week. I know about I-70 or I-80. What do you guys suggest for a more scenic road trip? I´m in no rush to get to the destination. Just some leisure driving, taking my time. What cities or places do you suggest visiting along the way. On I-70 while driving through Kansas was mentioned the driving is quite boring. Wanna avoid those. Super thanks for all insights you could give me! :-)

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    From everything you've said about what you want out of this trip, and what you are willing to put into it in terms of time, I would not suggest EITHER I-70 OR I-80. Indeed, I probably wouldn't suggest using the Interstates as your primary road network except to get through or around cities that you don't want to see. Instead, I'd suggest that you follow geography and culture first and roads second. That would mean, basically, first following the Appalachians southeast, then follow the Tennessee River westbound and cross the Mississippi at Memphis, head up through the Ozarks into southwestern Missouri, cross the Plains using old Route 66 to Amarillo, follow the High Plains and Front Range up to Denver, and finally (if you still have the time and desire) cross the Rocky and Uinta Mountains to Salt Lake.

    In addition to the natural terrains mentioned above, some of the major cities and 'attractions' along this route include the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Memphis (Graceland, Beale Street Sun Studios, Mud Island), the Oklahoma City Memorial, Cadillac Ranch, Capulin Mountain, The US Air Force Academy and Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, and Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

    You won't have time for everything, but by taking roads other than the Interstates, you'll get to see a good deal of the diversity of America at 'ground level', and can fill your trip with the stops that appeal to you rather than just check off sites from a generic 'must see' list put together by somebody else.


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