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  1. Default East coast during 2 weeks in september/october

    Hello people!
    Me and 5-6 other friends booked a flight from Portugal to New York on 23rd september which will arrive at 6:55pm. The comeback flight will be from Miami on 8th october at 10:55pm (2 weeks) Our idea is to visit, regarding cities, NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Orlando and Miami.

    NY and Philly because we have friends there, DC because is on the way down, Orlando for Disney World and the Space Center and Miami as the final destination (perhaps Everglades?). We still don't know how will we be traveling between these places but though of public transportation to get to DC and then rent some car/van, se we can have a roadtrip south untill Miami.

    I am writing here to ask for suggestions in terms of places to see in these cities, which cities to see/pass by between DC and Orlando/Miami, which road to take (basically the more specific plan of where will we be at each time).
    We are receptive to new ideas, but the above cities we would really like to pass by.

    Thanks in advance!

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    For a period covering about two weeks and assuming visits of 2 to 3 days in each of the listed cities, I would recommend using public transit (trains or buses) between cities. The Amtrak train system runs between NYC, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. From Washington, D.C., you can catch a train to the Orlando area where renting a vehicle would make sense (at least for the trip to Cape Canaveral and the beaches). From the Orlando there is also an option for riding the rails down to Miami.

    To break up the long rail trip from Washington, D.C., you probably have the option for stopovers in Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia, two fine southern coastal cities. But carefully study the rail schedules as the times may not be very convenient.

    Driving the I-95 Interstate highway from NYC to Miami is not a highly entertaining endeavor as many of the cities along the way provide ample opportunities for colossal traffic congestion. Additionally, parking in the cities is very expensive and one-way drop-off fees can be very expensive as well. In the end one balances the convenience and the expense making a choice best for them.

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    Default See so much more by car, and enhance your US experience.

    It really all depends on how much oif the US you would like to see, besides cities. After a while they all start to look the same.

    Between NYC and Miami there is a wealth of history and scenery to experience,which you will not be able to experience on a train. Furthermore, a sleeper on the train can be quite expensive, and you'd face the same menu day after day. The sleeper cabins for two are very cramped - you can't even stand anywhere when the beds are made..... let alone find space for your bags. Car rental , especially if you go through one of the consolidators who can often have some of the fees waived - could well be very competitive.. I'd still take the train from NY to Philly and pick up the car when you leave DC..

    If this is your first visit to the US, I would allow a couple of days for DC. You have all the national monuments, as well as all the sites of the Smithsonian - all worth visiting to get a greater understanding of the history of the various topics as well as of the country you are visiting.

    By car there would be several significant US history Civil War and other battle sites to see, as well as some National Parks along the way. In two weeks you could also consider visiting New Orleans, and the history there.


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