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    What's the best driving route across country. Leaving mid August and plan about 8 days with 7 stops (give or take) driving about 6+ hours daily. Interesting stops in parks farther west possible. Probably from Nebraska on. Am traveling solo and will be either camping or looking for motels along the way. Any suggestions would be awesome. thanks

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    To give you meaningful answers, we'd need to know a couple of things. First: Where in New Hampshire are you starting from? If it's anywhere north of the White Mountains, then your shortest route would be through Canada (assuming your passport's in order). Even if you're leaving from southern New Hampshire, Nebraska is a fair bit out of the way and adds at least half a day to your drive. Are you OK with that? And finally, what do you have in mind when you say "driving about 6+ hours daily"? Is that just time behind the wheel or total time from when you first get in the car in the morning until you park it for the evening. The answers to all of those questions will dictate how much time you really have to stop in parks and how often you can afford to trade time for money by setting up camp rather than staying in a motel.

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    Several national park/monument destinations come to mind along the way (more or less):

    -SW South Dakota: Wind Cave National Park (camping, sights), Custer State Park and scenic drive, Devil's Tower

    - Northern Wyoming: US 14A (camping in Bighorn national forest/recreation area) and Medicine Wheel

    - NW Wyoming: Yellowstone National Park

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