Hi all.

I will possibly be in Texas for work during in early September and will bolt on a week as a solo traveller. I was hoping you guys could help with an itinerary.

A bit about me

I like driving but also am (fairly) sensible. I usually drive no more than 400 miles a day and try and split this up with interesting stops, staying off the interstate where I can. That being said, I love driving in new places so want to avoid 1-2 hour in a day drives as well where possible! I'm a male in my 30s.

I like scenic drives, a mix of cities and smaller towns, and places a little off the beaten track. I'm from the UK so love Americana and to get away from the international vibe and see the culture of a place behind the tourist lens. (I realise in big cities this is much trickier). I also love eating like a local and am already looking forward to BBQ and tex-mex experiences!

About my trip

I start and finish in Houston and have 7 travelling days in total. The only places I would definitely like to include is Austin and a seaside town (a pretty but less busy one preferably, recommendations of hidden gems much appreciated). Otherwise I'm open to suggestions. I'd rather not stay in the same place for more than one night. I am also hoping to tick off every state and currently have 5 to go. (Including OK and KS) I recognise Kansas may be optimistic but any OK recommendations would be great. I can skip big bend as I will be travelling through there next year.

I think that's about it!!