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    Hoping to leave Ohio no later than Oct 1st. I'm moving to Washington State. Not taking much with me, just necessities. Will get furniture when I get there. I have lived here before, going back now. I made this drive before but I was much much younger.

    A dear friend might be going with me, if she can get off work. It would be great to have someone point out the scenery and just talk to me, while I'm driving.

    I read online that 500 miles is about the safe distance to go in a day. Is that right?

    I'm hoping this is fun and not stressful. Is there anything you would suggest, tips, tricks, etc?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, 500-550 miles per day is a general recommendation. That makes for a fairly relaxed drive, leaving plenty of time for unhurried meals as well as short R&R breaks a few times each day.

    But beyond such general recommendations we'd need to know a lot more about your trip to offer any meaningful advice. For example: Toledo to Seattle would use one set of roads, Cincinnati to Portland an entirely different set. Then there's the fact that we know nothing of what interests either you or your friend. So any suggestions for places to visit would be nothing more than random shots in the dark. The more you can tell us about your trip, the more we can help you.


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    The more time you have usually means the more fun you can have so how long are you planning on taking. It's going to be at least 3 overnight stops to make the trip safely and your right about the 500 miles (550 max) being a good average for a day on the road but only with time for brief and necessary stops along the way.

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