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  1. Default Vermont to Asheville NC. in 2 days.

    Looking for best route and where to stay over nite

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    At the very least, we're going to need to know where in Vermont you're starting from. Otherwise, are you just looking for the quickest route or what would make a route "the best route" to you?

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    Default Doesn't Matter That Much

    Although usually we need for more than "I'm leaving from state 'X' and want the 'best route'", in your case more detail isn't all that critical. Vermont is small enough, and your time constraints tight enough, that you need to simply find the most direct, safest, all-Intrerstate route. That's easy enough from almost anywhere in Vermont. Just get yourself into New York state and onto I-87 by the most expeditious local route you know. Take I-87 to Albany and then use I-88 to connect to I-81 north of Binghamton NY. I-81 will then form the backbone of the rest of your trip down to Kingsport TN with I-26 providing the last link in the Interstate chain to Asheville. Your overnight stop should be in the Harrisburg/Chambersburg area of south-central Pennsylvania depending on where exactly you're starting from in Vermont. That would make for two relatively easy (~500 mi.) days of driving, leaving a little time for short R&R breaks near the highway each day.


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    The location in VT may make a difference - another option would be to take I-91 to I-84 to Scranton to pick up I-81. Please post your location and we can check which way would be the quickest.

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