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    November would be a better time for doing a loop out of HOU if you have already done a SFO loop before. The weather would be a lot more agreeable than heading for the mountains.

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    Thanks again, and have gone ahead and booked a flight to HOU, arriving late afternoon on the 4th, giving me 6 days until the night flight out of HOU to SJO. Anybody got a good recommendation for a sub 1000 mile loop out of HOU that will be good fun in November for two nature nuts?

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    Default Take your pick.

    Louisiana, Missiissippi and Arkansas would be very different from the sites you saw out west. Each State has its own beauty and State Parks. There is Hot Springs NP in Arkansas, not too far for your trip. Then of course there are the obvious - New Orleans, Biloxi and the gulf coast east of Houston. Little Rock and the civil rights - and more - sights in Arkansas. Do a little research and you are bound to find lots more. I take it you have good maps on which all these are marked and to see where all this is in relation to the other.

    Driving on the minor roads will see you stumble across many surprising sights, and much nature..


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    You're arriving from NZ on the morning of the 4th, and then immediately planning to board a flight to HOU? Remember, since you're presumably booking this as a separate ticket, if your original flight is delayed and/or you are delayed at customs at all, your connections probably won't be guaranteed - as in, you'll be responsible for all of the rebooking fees.

    As for ideas on what to do with your trip out of Houston, I would again strongly recommend you take another look at the advice that was provided when you first proposed this trip. While your timeframe has gotten shorter, there are no shortages of ideas that you could work with to build a trip for the few days you have available now.

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    On my 'to do' list is Big Bend NP which is pretty remote so it's probably not for everyone. As your looking for suggestions it's something you may want to look at for hiking/exploring and as a bonus, the weather is usually favourable this time of year.
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    Default A Short Natural Loop Out of Houston

    With your new parameters, you probably don't want to schedule more than roughly a thousand miles of driving for your loop trip. And since you've already done one out of San Francisco and since th4e Gulf Coast will probably be seeing better weather in November than that of northern California, let's focus on that area. The main natural highlights would be the coast itself and its barrier islands, the bayous of Louisiana, the Mississippi River, and some of the forests and lakes of east Texas. In particular, look and visiting Galveston Island, crossing by ferry over to Goat Island, driving some of the Creole Nature Trail, crossing the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, heading up the Blues Highweay (US-61) along the Mississippi through Natchez to Vicksburg, crossing back across northern Louisiana to the Shreveport area and then returning to Houston via the Davy Crockett and Sam Houston National Forests. That's a loop that can be done in your timeframe while still leaving you plenty of time to explore a few other places of your choosing and allow you to get out of the car and get up- close and personal with both nature and the 'natives' as you travel.


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    Perfect thanks Buck, looks ideal!

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