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    We are planning a NW to SE trip from Seattle to NOLA - just to see the country. We got a great one-way air fare out and a good car rental back. Now it's down to choosing the route.

    The northern route through Montana, Dakotas, and down the Mississippi VS a western route down through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico and Texas.

    If we can't agree, we can spend time in the Pacific northwest and fly back...

    Anyone care to weigh in?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The best place for you to start is to look at the maps and do a little research by searching around the RTA forums and other planning links to find places that you think 'Heck yeah got to see that' and then mark them on the map and then create your route around them, rather than deciding on a route and then trying to find places. You do not have to decide from 2 routes, there are literally thousands of options and I always prefer getting away from Interstate and linking up US and State Highways where you will go past smaller towns, State and National parks, Lakes and forests. The one thing you don't tell us which is most important to any trip, is how much time you have ?

    Do some research to find a few of your own personal places of interest and get a basic outline then tell us more about yourselves, interests and how much time you have available.

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    For driving between Seattle and NOLA. Your assessment is correct as WA/OR/ID/UT/(CO|NM)/TX/LA route should be more interesting to drive this time of year.


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