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    Default Roadtrip #8A: The Hawaiian Islands and Back

    After a somewhat lengthy travel hiatus, this year attempts to rekindle the travel bug and inject a few adventures back in the mix.

    For June 2017, I’m embarking on a solo mission to finally conquer the one US state I haven’t been to, and spend 10 days bouncing around the four largest Hawaiian islands for a taste of each locale. On Monday, June 5th, Hawaiian Airlines will fly me from LAX to KOA on the Big Island where the journey begins. This forum thread will chronicle the daily adventures as they unfold (or rather when internet is available).

    Update: In February 2022 I returned to Maui as a launching point for visiting two more islands (Lanai and Molokai) with the full report added at the end of this thread.

    Per my usual speed-running fare, this trip will be jam-packed with the highlights from each island. Primary destinations include the 2 National Parks, as well as conquering the tallest mountain summit (Mauna Kea) and capital attractions (Pearl Harbor, State Capitol, etc.). Secondary goals are the landmark routes and areas such as the Road to Hana (Maui) and North Shore (Oahu). The Google travel map may give a better perspective, although the routes may look a little chaotic. Rental vehicles will be used on each island. (Keeping track of mileage might be a challenge this time around!). This will also be my first trip using AirBnB rentals instead of the pricey hotels on each island. What better way to get to know the locals and save a little cash in the process?

    Here’s what’s on deck:

    Big Island
    Day 0 (Jun 5) - Travel Day, fly to (KOA) Kona - South Point (Kalae) - stay in Pahoa
    Day 1 (Jun 6) - Hawaii Volcanoes NP - Mauna Kea Summit - stay in Kalaoa

    Day 2 (Jun 7) - Travel Day, fly to (LIH) Lihue - Waimea Canyon - stay in Koloa (2 nights)
    Day 3 (Jun 8) - Wailua - Kilauea - Wainiha

    Day 4 (Jun 9) - Travel Day, fly to (OGG) Kahului - stay in Paia (3 nights)
    Day 5 (Jun 10) - Road to Hana
    Day 6 (Jun 11) - Sunrise at summit of Haleakala NP - Lahaina

    Day 7 (Jun 12) - Travel Day, fly to (HNL) Honolulu - Pearl Harbor Memorial - stay in Honolulu
    Day 8 (Jun 13) - Hawaii State Capitol - Waimea (North Shore)
    Day 9 (Jun 14) - Travel Day, fly home (LAX)

    And of course I must top it off with the obligatory collection of previous adventures:

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    The adventure begins soon. Last minute additional advice always welcome!
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