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  1. Default LA to Las Vegas in seven days

    Hello! I'm new to this forum and have looked through lots of previous posts - tons of great info here and I really appreciate it all.

    We are two people traveling from LA to Las Vegas in July. We have booked a campervan (edit: a retrofitted minivan, not an RV) for seven days and seeking advice on places to see and general roadtrip/campervan tips.

    We're planning on speeding through California due to the time constraints and the heat. From our research so far these are some spots we're looking to hit:
    * Jerome, AZ
    * Sedona, AZ
    * Grand Canyon
    * Lake Powell/Page, AZ
    * Bryce Canyon, UT (?)
    * Zion National Park, UT
    * Hoover Dam

    Seeking advice on how many nights to stay in each spot, and if there's anything in this area we shouldn't miss, we'd love to hear it. We're looking to do smaller hikes (less than 4 hrs), big fan of watering holes and waterfalls, scenic routes, good food. We're from DC and really excited to explore this part of the country.

    Also, do we need to book a campsite for each night, or can we get away with some nights being loose / parking on the side of the road, etc?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default It'll work, just.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If your 7 day rental includes pick up and drop off days then you have already lost a day as you can't normally pick up until 2 and then it takes about an hour to be shown how your home operates and you usually have to be back by 10 am. Sometimes you can arrange an early collection direct with the local office but this isn't always guaranteed. I would recommend booking campsites and especially at the National parks but it may already be too late as they are popular and have limited RV sites. So to be honest you haven't much time to add to the sites you have listed but it's possible to enjoy them and get an overview of the area. Depending what time you get on the road on day 1 will decide how far you can get, but as close to the Sedona area as possible. The following day explore a little and head to the Grand canyon for the night and spend a full day and possibly another night in, or close to the GC after exiting the east kiosk along Desertview drive. Then if you stayed in the Page area (day 4) you could head to Zion via Bryce canyon on day 5 and spend day 6 exploring Zion where you may also have to drive towards Vegas if you have to drop the RV back that morning. I think Hoover dam would be to crammed to do in this timescale but you will get just as much satisfaction from Glen canyon dam near Page.

    Parking on the side of road is not a good idea as you could be breaking highway laws and get a rude awakening by police or landowner.

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    The only "side of the road" where you could possibly be safe and not get a rude awakening, would be a truck stop/travel center. As a general rule, Love's, Pilot and Flying J are the most "RV-friendly". You should always ask if and where you can park, and be sure to give them some business --either a meal in one of their restaurants, a tank of fuel, or similar. Arizona and California do not like you to park overnight in a freeway rest area, and there are usually signs posted to that effect. *Some* department stores, such as Walmart and Target, don't mind if you pull up and overnight, but once again -- if there are no signs posted, ASK, and then give them some business. BTW, leave the awning up, and don't pull out a grill or lawn chairs. These places are simply for having your meal and then sleeping.

    Warning: Zion will likely be HOT, as in above 100 F.


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    Default Not so much in that area.

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    As a general rule, Love's, Pilot and Flying J are the most "RV-friendly".
    This directory lists which truck stops make RVs welcome to park overnight - with permission. However, the area through which you will be travelling has very few RV friendly truckstops. Be prepared to look for State Forests or Parks, many of which have basic camping spots for a nominal fee. If you carry good maps, such as those from AAA, you will see on the maps which areas have campgrounds.


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    You likely only have FIVE days.

    As already mentioned, day one is almost over by the time you drive your rental off the lot. Day seven is basically having breakfast and then cleaning the rental before you return it. That leaves you with days 2-6.

    You are adventurous and love interesting hikes of 4 hour duration. Well, head directly to ZION and do the NARROWS CANYON WALK UP THE VIRGIN RIVER. You walk in the river as the two thousand foot high canyon walls narrow to as little as 30 feet in places. The views are spectacular. DO THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE if the river conditions allow. Four to six hours will give you a great experience, or you may want to keep hiking. Overnight trips are possible if you want to traverse the entire 16 miles.

    The next day, head to Bryce.

    For more adventure, head to the San Rafael Swell for great hiking and fun geocaching opportunities. Goblin Valley State Park is a hoot, especially if you've seen the movie Galaxy Quest.
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