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  1. Default Cross country trip

    Traveling across USA from York Pa on middle America routes to San Diago CA Return northern route to York Pa

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's really not even enough information in your post to let us know what you're trying to do, let alone what you're asking us for. At a minimum, in order to offer you any meaningful response(s) we'd need to know: how long you have for the trip overall; are there any different time contraints on the west- and east-bound legs; do you know, even roughly, your travel dates; how many people, and of what general ages, are involved; what are everybody's interests; are there any sites along the way that you or any of your companions really want to see/avoid; what kind of vehicle are you planning on using; do you have any experience at all in long RoadTrips; will you be camping, staying in motels, trying out off-the-beaten-path bed and breakfasts? All of those things (and more) matter in planning YOUR trip. And that's really the point of this website, helping you plan the trip that's best for you. Without knowing at least a significant portion of the above items, we'd be planning OUR RoadTrip, not YOURS.


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