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    Default Looking for last-minute motor home / RV rental - San Francisco (April 17 - 30)

    Hi RTA,

    WANTED: Affordable motor home / RV for 2 weeks (Apr 17 - Apr 30). Pick-up & Drop-off in San Francisco, California. The vehicle only needs to sleep 2, but we decided we don't want a camper van, but a (type B) motor home/RV. I've checked various websites (Best Time RV, Compass Campers, Britz Campervan Rentals US, Cruise America, El Monte RV), but nothing (affordable) is still available for that period. With affordable I mean 800 USD maximum (incl. mileage packages of approx. 1500 miles).

    Doe somebody know of any Craigslist-type websites, perhaps, that offer used RV's for rental? Or maybe other (local) SF-based companies that rent RV's?

    Any tips, help would be very much appreciated.


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    First of all, have you given up on the cross country trip you discussed previously?

    But in answer to your question, I don't think you're going to have much luck. I do not know of any "craigslist" type companies, and I would strongly advise against trying any sort of rental from a private person or anything other than a company with a solid reputation - and it looks like you've already checked into most of those.

    Really, I just think if your budget is only $800 (and then what about fuel and camping fees?) then you just don't have the funds to rent and RV and will need to look at other options.

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    I have certainly not given up on the cross country trip. In fact, I'm on it right now. Greetings from Nashville. The USD800 does not include fuel and camping fees. The 800 is what I want to spend on the RV including the mileage (an estimated 1500 miles for the 2 weeks) and preferably linen and kitchen stuff as well. I understand there will be additional costs.

    I did make a reservation via Motorhome Republic (approx. USD650), but the vehicle I selected is sold out. I have received alternative offers but they are all almost double the price. I'm going to call Motorhome Republic to discuss further.

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