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    We're planning a 10 day trip from Seattle to the San Francisco area. Arriving May 23 and leaving June 2. We're interested in natural areas and National/State Park attractions. We want to see some of the coast, redwoods, Crater Lake, Yosemite. Flying into Seattle and returning from San Fransisco. Any advice on routes, and how to see both coastal and interior sights? Thank you.

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    Is this going to be a round trip or a one way trip? A round trip would probably be easiest, since you could see the coastal attractions one direction and mountain attractions the other. That said, 10 days also wouldn't be a ton of time to do this either.

    If it's just a one way trip, then your best bet would probably be to head to Crater Lake, head over to the coast and redwoods, down to San Francisco. Since Yosemite is to the south of San Francisco, that would then be a separate overnight trip from SF.

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    As you say flying into Seattle and returning from SF, I presume it's a one way trip ? If you want a mixture of inland and coast then I would head to Mt Rainier NP and consider Mt St Helens, Columbia river Gorge and Crater Lake and then across to the Redwoods on the coast heading south into SF via the Golden Gate bridge. Yosemite is amazing but you would really need 3 days from SF to Yosemite and back with time to explore some of the park. Another option would be to carry on inland from Crater Lake to Lassen Volcanic park and then Yosemite, but of course that would cut the coast out completely.

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