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  1. Default Oceanside, CA road trip to Milwaukee WI and return

    Hello, my husband and I are planning to road trip with our 9 month old baby from Oceanside Ca to Milwaukee WI and return we plan to spend 2 weeks there, I need a route that would be interesting, recommended sites to see? places to stop and sleep? we will have a baby and need to stop regularly so I'm a little nervous but we want an adventure.
    Any tips or advice would be great

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A few questions to start, when will this trip take place and are there any place you already know you want to see? Also, How much time do you have for the drive/Is the 2 weeks just the time you plan to spend in Milwaukee or is it 2 weeks total?

    The most direct route would be I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80/I-88/I-39/I-43. That would take you up through Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Northern Illinois. The section through Utah and Colorado is arguably the most scenic interstate in the country, and goes near more than a half dozen national parks. At roughly 2,000 miles, you'd need to plan for at least 4 days on the road.

    Being that this is a round trip, I would certainly look at taking a different route for the return trip. One option would be to take I-43/I-39/I-55 to St. Louis and then I-44/I-40 onto California. That route roughly follows the old path of route 66 with many nearby attractions, including the Grand Canyon which is an easy detour. Alternatively, you could look at taking I-90 across South Dakota through the Badlands and Black Hills, from there cutting down to Wyoming and Salt Lake City, or perhaps even go all the way out to Yellowstone if you have enough time. Either one of those options adds a few more miles, and would take a little more time, but would be a good starting point, depending upon the exact details of your trip and interests.

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