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  1. Default Solo From San Jose, California to Raleigh, NC in early spring

    I am relocating from San Jose to RTP in mid/late march and can spare 10-11 days for the road trip..

    What would be the best route(I-40 I believe) and any key landmarks that I could visit in this stretch.

    I am a newbie to this site so please excuse me if I missed providing any info.

    Moreover I am very much nervous on whether i will be able to pull it over all by myself

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The best think I can tell you is to relax, you're in very good shape. You could comfortably make this drive in 5-6 days, so with 10-11, you should really have no problems at all.

    You are correct that I-40 is the most direct route for this trip. There are lots of things you could do near that route. The Grand Canyon is the most famous, but there are several other national parks, like Petrified Forest/Painted Desert and Hot Springs, Arkansas to name a couple. The route goes through several interesting cities, including Albuquerque, Memphis, and Nashville, to name a few, and up through Oklahoma City, the route also follows the path of Route 66, so there are quite a possibilities for detours in that regard as well.

    Of course, with 10 days available, you don't even have to stick to I-40 - if there is some place else you've always wanted to visit, then this could be an opportunity to do it, even if it isn't on the direct path. You've got quite a bit of flexibility with your timeframe.

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    Default Been there.

    Of course you will be able to pull it off. It is a lovely trip. I did it in October of last year, from the Paso Robles area to Raleigh. Stay alert to the signs along the way, indicating roadside attractions, or ask wherever you stop for food, fuel or whatever. Or do as I do, take some good maps with you, or a road atlas, and check which attractions you will stop for, and which you will pass by. They are all marked on the maps..... you have the time to go and see some of them. I did it in fewer days, and basically just headed east. Some areas of I-40 in the west are very scenic, so take the time to enjoy them. Also, be aware that there is not one rest area in AZ along I-40. For March you can possibly stay quite flexible, as there should not need to be any need to prebook all accommodation. Divide the distance by the number of days, and keep on track, covering the required number of miles each day, and spend the rest of the day, discovering new places and things..

    Have an enjoyable and safe trip.


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    There are actually two pairs of rest areas in Arizona (mm235 and mm23), but that state has shut down rest areas for years in the name of saving money. We have noticed that they are reopening the ones along I-8, and it's been said that the ones along I-17 and I-40 may be reopened in time, as well.

    In the meantime, there are some good travel centers which make temporary rest areas, along I-40....Loves, Flying places in Williams, Flagstaff, Winslow and Holbrook.


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