Hello Everybody,

We are two ladies from Copenhagen, Denmark, going on our second road trip in USA this July of 2017. Last time around (driving from Seattle - Los Angeles) we got some great tips, help and information from this forum, so we are trying our luck here again :-)

This time around we are starting in Chicago with end destination being New Orleans. In total we have 18 days.
So far we are planning to stay 3 days in Chicago, 2-3 days in Nashville, 2-3 days in Memphis and 2-3 days in New Orleans. Music is the keyword for this road trip :-) We are interested in a bit of nature, fun sights, beautiful sights, city-life, food and a glimpse into American culture.

So we are eager to get more tips and information on where, what and how. Which areas to stay in, nice places to eat and sleep, places to visit/see, markets and events etc. in the before mentioned 4 cities, as well as places on the road. Where to stop or do a detour for a special experience? Are there some great nature experiences to take into account?

And also, in your experience, does it sound reasonable to achieve this road trip in 18 days?

Thanks in advance!