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    My beau and I had initially planned to drive cross country over two weeks this summer, but thanks to the replies we got here we realize that is a tad ridiculous. Instead we have decided to keep it coastal and tour the gulf and east coast. Our tentative itinerary would take us about 4500 miles over 2 weeks, though we could easily cut about 500 miles off the trip by skipping Maine.

    Here is our thought so far:

    Richmond, VA to Gulf Shores, AL
    Gulf Shores to St. Petersburg, FL
    St. Petersburg to The Keys
    The Keys to Savannah, GA
    Savannah, GA to Chincoteague Island, VA
    Chicoteague to Providence, RI/Boston, MA
    RI/MA to Bangor, Maine
    Bangor to NE PA

    These stops aren't set in stone, but more like guide marks. We are kind of looking for our forever home during the process. Any suggestions or quaint destinations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sticking to the east coast certainly will give you a lot more time to actually enjoy your trip.

    Having said that, this outline still runs into many of the same traps that your first trip idea had.

    Richmond to Gulf Shores is almost 900 miles and even farther than any of the problematic legs you proposed on your first trip plan.

    Key West to Savannah is 650 miles, and the first 100 are on the very slow going overseas highway. It's about a 4 hour drive just from Key West to Miami, so that's also far too much. Getting from St. Pete to Key West in a day is even pushing it.

    Really, when it comes down to it, you've got 8 places you've listed that you want to visit, and 4500 miles is still 9 days worth of driving, so that leaves you with less than one full day each at all of the places you've listed. It can be done, but I suspect this trip still isn't going to be nearly as rewarding or enjoyable as you're hoping for.

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