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    Default Transport from San Francisco airport to fishermens wharf

    I am seeking advice about which travel ticket or pass is best to get around San Francisco, there seems to be a lot of options but need one that I can use on all tranposrt networks, has anyone got a solution for me please?

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    Default SF Muni

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    Unfortunately, San Francisco has only a rudimentary subway system, BART, which on the west side of the bay is really only one line. And while it does have a terminus at SFO Airport, it doesn't come near to Fisherman's Wharf. The cable cars are cute, but are also limited in scope and packed with tourists. Besides, they're expensive. Busses seem to be the backbone of public transportation in San Francisco. What you really want, then, is something that lets you ride all three such as the Monthly Muni Pass. For shorter periods of time your best bet is probably just the Clipper Card which lets you add to your account as needed.


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