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  1. Default Colorado and Eastern Utah Trip in 14 Days

    I am planning a trip this summer starting and ending in Denver. We will have 14 days total (the 14th day can be used to travel to Denver).

    We want to do outdoor activities and would like to have some time to explore and hike in each park we stop in. We'd also like to have a day of guided canyoneering/rappelling and white water rafting. We are a family of four with two kids ages 13 and 14. We likely will not camp.

    Here are my initial plans but I'm trying to work out timing - adding something else to the trip or spending more time in certain places - suggestions welcome. Especially helpful would be "not to miss" suggestions at these spots.

    1 Glenwood Springs
    2 Moab - visit/hiking (4 nights)
    3 Moab tour of some sort
    4 Canyonlands - hiking
    5 Arches - visit/hiking
    6 Drive to Mesa Verde - Stay in Durango 2 nights
    7 Durango
    8 Silverton or Ouray
    9 Gunnison -explore (3 nights)
    10 Gunnison explore (rafting)
    11 Crested Butte
    12 Salida climb a non-technical 14er
    13 Salida (raft)
    14 Drive back to Denver - 4 p.m. fliight

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've got an excellent start. The one spot I see as troublesome might be your Mesa Verde day. Mesa Verde is a big part, and the most interesting features require guided tours/reservations, so it would be difficult to start in Moab, and see the park, and still get to Durango at the end of the day.

    Also in between Moab and Mesa Verde you could look at visiting Natural Bridges and/or Monument Valley.

    Perhaps your 6th day, you spend going through Natural Bridges and Monument Valley and stay either around Monument Valley or try to push on to Cortez, see Mesa Verde the following day before ending up in Durango the following day.

    Durango is a popular place to raft as well, although I have not done it there, and can't say how it might compare to the other places you've listed as possible rafting locations.

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    Thanks. That's very helpful feedback!

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