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  1. Default Road Trip - Christmas week end - From Houston, TX - suggestion needed

    Hello All,

    Nice to be part of this community. I was looking for road trip suggestion from Houston, TX to anywhere on this Christmas week end.
    Starting late Friday evening (23rd ) and return on Tuesday 27th, 2016. I am travelling with my wife and 2 year toddler. I am looking peaceful vacation with limited sight seeings and moderate driving. I am looking for new places where I can spend some quality time with my family.

    I have already visited Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, so please excuse.

    After doing some research, I could not find anything new or weather is bad, hence seeking your guidance.

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy holidays

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With your limited time, you really need to stay no more than about a day's drive away or you'll end up just spending all of your time in the car.

    If you're looking for a place to relax, South Padre Island might fit the bill quite nicely. On the outer edges of how far you can go, you'd have Big Bend National Park or maybe the Mississippi/Alabama gulf coast.

    You mostly listed cities in the places you had previously been, and there aren't a lot of other major cities within a 500 mile radius. Oklahoma City or Memphis are really the only other two that stand out, although there are a lot of smaller cities that could still provide a nice getaway for a few days.

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    Corpus Christi and the coastal islands would be an easy drive, nice little town, depends on what you are looking for. Further west is Big Bend National Park which certainly would provide a change of pace from Houston and be an option for follow on trips.

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