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  1. Default Road trip from Seattle to Disneyland Park in December last week

    We are planning to take a road trip from Seattle to Disneyland. Me and my wife will be driving and we have 2 kids. Is it fine to have long road trip with kids? We are planning this to begin from 25th Dec evening and return on 31st Dec night or 1st Jan morning.
    Please let us know the suggested route. Also, is the weather feasible for such long drives?

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    Simple calculation - Google maps says it's 1,162 miles one way. In good weather and good traffic that's 2 days of driving - one way. So you have, at best, 4 days of driving.
    Others will explain the demerits of leaving in the evening so I'll point out that you have 6 full days to accomplish the entire thing in which 4 of those days are driving.

    Doesn't sound like a good plan to me. With snow and traffic you might wind up driving 6 days out of the 6 and having a mutiny inside your car.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'm in agreement with what is stated above. Until you drop south of Siskiyou Pass on I-5, you may contend with weather issues. Then you will be dealing with traffic from Sacramento to the cut-offs for the Bay Area, followed by the LA Messtropolis.

    The one thing you hinted at, beginning on Christmas night, is possible, IF you limit yourself to just a few hours of driving. If you were thinking about driving straight through to LA, I would rethink that plan. You'll arrive so tired, even if you have two drivers, that you won't enjoy Disneyland. It in itself takes a lot of energy! But if you were just trying to shorten the next two days by a few hours, starting Christmas night, that works.

    As far as weather is concerned, it's still a little far out for figuring out the feasibility. You'll be able to tell more, around the 23rd. I would have a back-up plan to Disneyland, just in case.


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    If you really want to go to Disneyland between Christmas and New Year's, I'd seriously consider flying. You just don't have enough time to do a round trip by car and see much of Disney.

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    If you're driving from that far away you're going to want to spend more time at Disneyland since you can't just come back whenever and get to the stuff you will definite miss. I don't know when you were there last but the park is gigantic and ride lines can easily be 1-2 hours long, especially during this time of year when people tend to have time off from work. As the poster above said, you're probably better off flying. When you consider gas, lodging, and wear and tear on your car you won't be saving much money by driving.
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