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    Hello, everyone!!

    I have been perusing these forums for a few days, and I am really enjoying myself. This advice is invaluable!

    I am currently looking for some advice on an upcoming trip I am taking. I have a new job in Portland that I will start on January 9th. I am planning on leaving January 2nd since my last day of work is the first. I will be reimbursed for the move, but I still opted to just leave my furniture behind and take my 2013 Honda Civic with a cargo top. I would also be taking my cat with me in the front in a small dog kennel. This is my first multi-day trip by myself and my first trip with an animal, so my nerves are quite frayed.

    Since I'm time limited, I have no choice but to travel in the winter, which is my main point of fear. I have been contemplating several routes, including the southern route across the country and up California, and the more direct route through Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. I am leaning toward the latter since the mountain passes on I5 look pretty bad, but I'm still concerned about the mountains in Oregon. I have also been contemplating the purchase of snow chains, but it feels superfluous since I'm never going to use them again and the weather might not even require them.

    What I am looking for is alternate routes in case of snow, best places for weather information, and advice on whether or not I should book hotels in advance. I've been making checkpoints on my journey (Kansas City, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, and Boise) and I have been thinking about going ahead and booking those hotels so I can avoid the stress of finding one. Like I said, this is my first major trip by myself, so any information would be helpful.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Normally, we would recommend the shortest all-Interstate route in the winter, but in this case I'd do something counter-intuitive. I'd go north out of KC to I-90, taking that to Ritzville WA, then US-395 to I-84. This adds about 130 miles, but it avoids I-80 across WY and I-84 across eastern OR, both of which can be difficult in winter. I-90 across MT is at a lower elevation than I-80, which is more important than latitude. I-80 across WY is subject to high winds and black ice, and frequently closes due to these conditions. However, you need to be flexible and be able to change due to current forecasts and conditions.

    This is a 5 day drive at minimum, so you have 2 extra days to play with if necessary. Rather than go many miles out of your way, it's best to find a hotel and wait the storm out if necessary. The roads will be cleared in pretty short order, as the Interstates are vital to commerce.

    No need to book hotels, you won't have any problem finding them on the fly and you need to be flexible.

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    Keep a close eye on the weather forecasts and road conditions a couple of days before you depart and keep checking back while you are on the road, it's then you can make informed decisions.
    Safe travels.

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    I have a bit different prospective here regarding your compact car for ultra long trip. How is your Civic handling at 75MPH on headwinds and side-winds? The noise will likely drive you nuts. The route you are proposing likely will have head and side winds and with roof-rack additional resistance built up for vehicle.

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