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    I am new to this forum, and trying to figure out how this works.

    My fiancee and I will be driving from Manitoba, then to Grand Forks North Dakota to Tampa Florida during January. We did this drive last summer, and it took us about 30 hours total. We took about 4 days, went slow, lots of stops as we had my dog in the car.
    We will be doing this drive again, but now in January. We are a bit worried about winter driving. We will be checking the weather just before we leave to prepare.
    Does anyone have the best route for this winter trip?

    Thank you so much

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The best winter route for this trip is probably the same route you used when you made the trip during the summer. The reality is there is no route that is any better or worse when in comes to likelihood or seeing a winter storm, so unless a weather forecast tells you otherwise, the best choice is to stick to the most direct route. The most direct route means the least amount of time on the road, and thus the least chance of seeing a storm, and the most extra time available if you are delayed by weather.

    The 4 days you took for your last trip is exactly what we'd recommend for a trip of this length (2000 miles, assuming you're starting from Winnipeg) - although having a 5th day available in case of bad weather would be a good idea.

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    Thank you. So, would you recommend driving 5 hours, break, then 5 hours for each day? (trying to avoid night driving as much as possible)

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    I'd take a short break twice as often as that. Leave at dawn and get off the road at dusk or shortly after. Allow 5 days, if you can make it in 4 that's fine, you shouldn't have any problems finding a hotel room along any of the Interstate highways if you are in by dinnertime.

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