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    45 days car camping, crazy or doable?
    I will answer that question direct and to the point - crazy.

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    I spent 3 days sleeping off a snowstorm at 11,000' in Sept one time. (Cumberland Pass Colorado) I laid in the back of my Jeep Cherokee and was equipped with several sleeping bags, warm clothes, backpacking stove and food enough for a month. I was completely comfortable and after I realized I wasn't going to die it was boring.

    One thing I learned that might be of interest for this thread is that the interior of the vehicle frosted over from my exhaled moisture. I had the windows cracked a little but the day I wanted to leave I couldn't see thru the windows at all for the frost on the inside. I'd parked so that I didn't get sun until about 9AM and it took the sun power added to heater power (not much heat while at idle) to get things clear enough to see to drive. Of course there was frost/ice on the outside too....

    The proposed plan just doesn't sound like fun to me.

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