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  1. Default Ottawa Canada to Peoria Arizona

    Will be traveling from Ottawa to Peoria, Dec 27th or Dec 28th..

    Pre-planning looking at
    Day 1: Home town to Lancing Michigan boarder crossing at Sarnia
    Day 2: Lancing to St Louis I69 + I70
    Day 3 St Louis to Sayre Oklahoma (or thereabouts) I44 & I40
    Day 4 Sayre to Gallup New Mexico I40
    Day 5 Gallup to Peoria I40 and I17

    Any suggestions, changes. watch outs, good places to stop and any advice greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Looks okay, but the first 4 days would be quite long. You may want to look at shortening them up a bit - spending nights in:

    Port Huron MI
    Effingham IL
    Tulsa OK
    Santa Rosa NM

    Allow an extra day or two in case of bad weather.

    Note that there are tolls in OK, I assume you will have some $USD for them and incidentals. You will need $4.00 between MO and Tulsa, and another $4.00 between Tulsa and OKC. If you take the Kilpatrick bypass around OKC, you will need $1.15 exact change twice. The $4.00 booths will give change.

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    Default Even It Out a Little

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The thing about multi-day, long distance RoadTrips is that once you get behind the sleep curve, there's really no recovering. So it's imperative that none of your days be too long, that they're as equal in length as possible, and that none of them exceed 550 miles or so. Your present plan fails those criteria on a couple of counts. Not by much, but by enough that you'd notice with fatigue becoming noticeable near the end of your journey. Instead of Sayre and Gallup, I'd suggest that you stay near Oklahoma City OK and Albuquerque NM. The advantage to staying near larger cities, besides breaking your trip up into very manageable roughly 550 mile per day chunks, is that you'll have more lodging choices and more competition usually means lower prices. If you stay on the west sides of St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Albuquerque, you won't have to fight rush hour traffic out of town the next morning. And you can time your arrival into those towns so that you're behind the evening rush hour by taking short R&R breaks during the day and/or pulling up for dinner before heading through those larger cities in the evening.


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    Many thanks for the suggestions and information greatly appreciated and will take note and re-plan

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