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    Hello! I will be traveling from central Iowa to San Antonio in a week and a half. We are kind of winging the trip, have the tent packed, and don't have many plans except for the my buddies airforce graduation in San Antonio.

    I'm looking for any ideas on cool roadside stops in the area. I'm not familiar with Texas or Oklahoma so any ideas would be great. We are planning on sticking around the I-35 area but that is flexible!

    Also I am a photographer so anybody that has ideas for good things to shoot would be great. With that being said I do a lot of Urbex, so abandoned locations are a plus!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    How many days are you allotting for the trip? It's about 1100 miles from Des Moines to San Antonio, so hopefully you are going to take at least 2 days, maybe more.

    Are you prepared for the cooler, almost cold nights, in a tent? It's been down in the lower 40s, in the Midwest, at night, so hopefully you have a good sleeping bag and an even better pad, to keep yourself warm at night.

    If you're into camping, you might enjoy the Coleman Outlet and Museum, right there in Wichita. It's not all that far from I-35.


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    Default A Few Ideas

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To keep your drive to just two days, you'd need to stick to a pretty direct route: I-35 would work, but you could also take a straighter route that would let you see some back roads while still keeping drive time to a minimum: I-35 to Kansas City, US-69 to Miami OK, I-44 to Big Cabin OK, US-69 to Dennison TX, US-75 to Dallas, and I-35E/I-35 to San Antonio (with an overnight at Lake Eufaula (Arrowhead and Fountainhead) State Park). In either case, your stops will need to be few, short, and near the highway(s). For photographic purposes, you might want to limit those stops to wildlife refuges such as Marais des Cygnes and Hagerman; historic sites such as Fort Scott National Historic Site and the Sixth Floor Museum


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    We are leaving on a Saturday, and don't have to be to San Antonio until the following Friday, but I'm planning to travel a little further south and check out Padre Island on tuesday, camp there that night and be back to San Antonio by Thursday to relax on Thanksgiving.

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