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    Default I-95 is closed in North Carolina

    The hurricane has closed many roads in NC due to persistent flooding, but the one with the most impact is I-95. I will paste a quote from NCDOT:

    Multiple roadways are closed in Central and Eastern North Carolina due to debris and flooding. If a flooded roadway is encountered, turn around and seek an alternate route.

    I-95 South closed between Exit 56 (US-301) and Exit 13 (I-74), in Cumberland and Robeson County.
    I-95 North is closed between Exit 13 (US-74) and Exit 22 (US-301), in Robeson County.

    To avoid congestion on the provided detour route, motorists entering North Carolina from Virginia on I-95 are encouraged to use the following alternate routes:
    All southbound traffic from North Carolina/Virginia state line should travel south on I-95 to US-64 West
    Once on US-64 West, travel west toward I-440 West
    Once on I-440 West, motorists will travel to US-1 South
    From US-1 South, motorists will continue to US-501 South in Aberdeen/Southern Pines
    Continue on US-501 South through Aberdeen toward US-74 East
    Motorists will then travel US-74 East to I-95 South

    Motorists traveling on I-95 South from US-264 may use the following alternate route:
    Travel south on I-95 to I-40 West
    Once on I-40 West, travel west toward Sanford/US-1 South
    Motorists will then travel US-1 South to US-501 South
    Once on US-501 South, travel toward US-74 East
    Motorists will then travel US-74 East to I-95 South

    Motorists traveling southbound on I-95 from I-40 should use the following detour:
    All southbound traffic will be required to exit off onto US-301 (Exit 56) and travel toward NC-162 West
    Motorists will then travel NC-162 West toward US-401 South
    Once on US-401 South, motorists will travel to US-74 East
    Motorists will then travel US-74 East to I-95 South

    Motorists traveling northbound on I-95 should use the following detour:
    All northbound traffic will be required to exit onto US-74 West (Exit 13) and travel westbound towards Laurinburg
    Once on US-74, motorists will then travel towards US-501 North
    Once on US-501, motorists will then travel to US-1 North towards Sanford
    Once on US-1, motorists will travel north to I-40 East until merging onto I-95

    I-40 West has reopened east of Interstate 95, between Exit 341, NC-55 and Exit 334, NC-96 between Newton Grove and Benson.
    Motorists are advised to expect delays and to remain alert when traveling the roadway due to expected congestion and increased traffic volume.

    * Last Updated: 10/14/2016 at 7:17 PM *
    Note that these suggested detours are not all on Interstate-quality roads, and will probably be very congested.
    If you are traveling up or down the East Coast and do not have to stop anywhere in particular, I'd suggest you give the whole area a wide berth.

    If you are traveling from/to PA and points north from/to the Charleston SC area and points south, I'd use I-81/I-77/I-26. From the Richmond VA area to/from SC, use I-85/I-77/I-26.

    This I-95 closure is estimated to be in effect until sometime in November. The NCDOT link above will have up to date info.
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    Default I-95 re-opened throughout NC

    As of yesterday, Monday October 17, all of I-95 within NC was re-opened. There are some short segments which are single lane, but there are no longer detours.

    All of I-40 is open from Raleigh to Wilmington, also.

    Travelers should remain aware of remaining closures of a variety of NC and US routes generally east of I-95. The link posted above provides details about the remaining closures.


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