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  1. Default Road trip from Atlanta to San Francisco

    I'm leaving on Tuesday to San Francisco by driving from Atlanta. I'm still doubting which route I should take. It might be the 66 or going more to the north: Colorado, Utah and Nevada.
    Anyone could please help me out make my mind!

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    Default The reason.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums.

    Not knowing the purpose of the trip [getting there as quick as possible or sight seeing] or how much time you have available or what your interests might be, it makes it hard to comment. Perhaps there is a particular place you would like to visit that would help you make up your mind. You will need a minimum of 4 overnight stops and anything beyond that you could add sightseeing attractions etc.

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    As Dave mentioned, there could be perfectly good reasons for taking either route, but not having any idea about how much time you have or what you are looking to get out of the trip makes it close to impossible for anyone to say what might be better for your trip.

    If you are looking just to get there as fast as possible, then taking I-40 across the country would be your best bet, and you'd need at least 4.5 days to make it safely. Going up to Colorado etc would add about 200 miles, not a huge deal on a 2500 mile trip, but it would push you up to 5 full days on the road. Keep in mind, in this case, I'm just talking about driving days, if you want to stop and explore places along the way, then you'll need to factor in additional time on top of that.

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    If you just want to get there:

    I-20 to Birmingham
    I-22/US-78 to Memphis
    I-40 to Barstow
    CA-58 to Bakersfield
    CA-99/CA-46 to Lost Hills
    I-5 to I-580 to wherever you want in SF

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