Hello. I am a brand new member and I found this site by searching for "How to plan a road trip using secondary roads". It looks like I may have found a gold mine of info!

I am currently in Bowling Green, KY for a couple of days and will be going home to St. Petersburg, FL starting tomorrow afternoon. I put in my start and end addresses in Map Wiz and the route was planned using the Interstate System, much like Google Maps does. I did not see an option for finding a secondary road route.

I tried using Advanced Maps with waypoints but that wasn't very successful. Is there a tutorial for Ad. Maps? BTW, I am a mariner so I am very familiar with waypoint routing.

Finally, I have not played with the Map Wiz or the Advanced Maps more than 5 minutes but I did not see any way to download a developed route to onboard nav systems. Am I missing something or is this a feature that is not in place?

Look forward to using the site and the combined knowledge of fellow Road Trippers!