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    We want to take the coastal hwy US17 from north Carolina to Va,,really like suggestions for inexpensive ,places to stay, things to see we live on fixed income and would like to see and do all we can between these two coastal states,for as little money as we can..Thanks

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    Hi, and welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by dockey View Post
    ... for as little money as we can..Thanks
    Wouldn't we all!

    You do not say when this trip will take place or how long you have for the trip, and whether it is a one way or return trip. Neither have you told us anything about your interests, and what sort of things would interest you. This information is vital for members to give relevant advice.


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    Something to add here -- US-17 is on the eastern side of the US, but it is hardly "coastal". It's more inland, going through small towns, swampy bogs. There are a few miles where it is close to the coast, such as around Wilmington NC. My husband and I stayed one night in Myrtle Beach SC, then the following night in Chesapeake, VA, using US-17 to travel through NC. The route went inland for awhile north of Myrtle Beach, went closer to the coast around Wilmington, then back inland.

    As far as inexpensive places to stay -- many of the smaller towns on US-17 have mom-and-pop motels. You may be able to research some of the places online to find out pricing. I would say that you might not want to be traveling on a weekend, as staying in a college or beach town will be more expensive then. (Wilmington comes to mind.)

    But truly, to give you more information, we'd need to know the kinds of things you're looking for and how long you are thinking for the trip.


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