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    Making this trip in October with my 20 year old French au pair and my 3 year old daughter. So, two goals: split the trip into 2 days each way so the toddler doesn't lose it, and show the French girl some great parts of America! Roughly planning St Louis as halfway point there, see the Arch and what else? Would love suggestions on local/hole in the wall/semi-famous places for food, too. And thoughts on an alternate route home to catch something different. TIA!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Please note that due to construction, you are required to get tickets in advance to go inside the Arch building. It's also a considerable walk from the parking garage to the Arch.

    In KC, the 2 most famous barbeque joints are Arthur Bryant's and Gates. The original Arthur Bryant's on Brooklyn is not in a safe neighborhood, avoid after dark.

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    Default Sounds Like a Plan

    St. Louis is roughly half way between Indianapolis and Kansas City, has plenty to offer, and so makes a perfect overnight stopping point. You can also keep your daughter from getting restless in the car by stopping every couple of hours (or even more often) at state and local parks near I-70, the direct route between your starting point and destination. Besides the Arch, your daughter might enjoy either the St. Louis Zoo or Grant's Farm.

    For an alternative route home, take a look at using I-35 up to US-36 east through Missouri to Hannibal, and after that, I-72 to Champaign/Urbana and I-74 the rest of the way to Indianapolis.

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