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    My Girlfriend and I are planning a trip to California, and then to Vegas. We want to start in CA and hit Big Sur, LA, and San diego; in no particular order, but the most convenient. We want to stay in San diego for a few days, LA for a few days, and Big Sur/San Fran, all before proceeding to Vegas. We are stuck on where to Fly into, and also the best Route via rental car to travel our destinations. We are going to fly out of San Fran or LA to vegas. My main concern is the order of our destinations and what makes the most sense. Thank you!!!

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    Your plans are pretty vague, but a loop trip would probably make the most sense. You could start in SF, work your way down the coast to LA and San Diego, then work your way up to Vegas (possibly via Grand Canyon) and then head back to San Francisco via Death Valley and Yosemite. Doing the trip counter-clockwise will let you be on the ocean side of the road as you head down the coast, and doing a loop trip gives you the advantage that you can start/end in any city in the loop based on where you find the best air/car deals.

    If you are only focused on cities and/or are willing to do this as a one-way trip, then Starting in SF and ending in Vegas is what I'd recommend.

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    I agree with what Michael has said, but you don't say how much time you have. Are you interested in any of the natural wonders, or are you purely city folk ?

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