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    I generally would not recommend Greyhound, as it typically is a very slow service, depots often are also in pretty bad parts of town.

    Plus, if you used bus or other transportation for some legs, you could increase your costs, because you'd now be looking at multiple one-way drop fees on the car rentals.

    And on top of it all, you're probably going to want a car to explore all of the cities you visit, outside of NYC.

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    Buses....ugh. Years ago, I transited between Meridian MS and Casa Grande AZ on a Trailways bus, and also used Greyhound during college. Once I got my own car, I never looked back on buses with a pleasant thought.


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    Default It's not like at home.

    Travelling from city to city on a bus - especially Greyhound - is nothing like it is to travel by bus from (say) Melbourne to Brisbane (which I have done a couple of times). There is no comparison. In my early trips I did quite a few trips by Greyhound, and often I was quite scared the whole way. I could not afford anything else, having had to go to the US for weddings. But I would never recommend it to anyone, especially folk who are having a honeymoon trip. It simply is not the 'norm' in the US, not like it is at home.

    Simply put - the US is built for the motor car. It is the only way to get around with any type of efficiency. Trying to do the trip by bus, even partly, is more likely to make it a memorable trip.... for all the wrong reasons.

    If the cost is a burden right now, why not delay the trip till you have the money to make it a memorable trip.... for all the right reasons.

    Have you thought of putting it on your wedding register list?

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    The cost isn't so much a burden, I guess its trying to 'get the best for our money' and also weighing up time spent driving vs time to stop and enjoy whats going on around us.

    I've tried to narrow it down to a few options:

    1. One week east coast, Boston, Washington DC.
    Pick up car somewhere in or near Washington DC and spend 5.5weeks driving across through areas like Nashville, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Denver, through Utah, Las Vegas to LA.

    2. Same as above but making our way towards San Francisco from Denver, not LA.

    3. Two weeks east coast, Boston, NYC, Wash DC.
    Fly to Dallas or Austin spend one week
    Fly to Denver spend two weeks and hire a car to do some of Wyoming and Utah.
    Fly to west cost, either LA or San Francisco spend one week

    Obviously the last means not much road tripping and potential to miss all those small towns/stops along the way. I would like honest opinions though of the driving vs fly options (we can still change specific stops, and with the driving there will be some one nighters in small towns on the way to larger towns that we haven't mentioned).
    Are we better to fly and have a solid time in areas where we could either do day trips to surrounds or maybe hire a car?
    We don't want to have to be driving to a new place every day, in some places, such as Denver and Nashville we'd like a few days.

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    Being that cost doesn't seem to be a huge concern, and you've got plenty of time then I'd go with the first two options. Then again, being that this is a roadtrip forum so that's the answer I'd expect you'll get from most people here. Flying also may not save as much time as you think, especially if you plan to be flying just about once a week, as between security, the actual flight times, and then time to get your baggage and a new car, every flight will end up taking up the better part of a day. While on a roadtrip, there may be days where you spend most of the day driving, even on those days, you're seeing new things and have the potential to explore while along the way.

    Another option that you could consider would be to do your east coast stops, and then fly out west and do a loop, but based on your desire to see places like Nashville and Dallas, I don't think that would be quite as ideal for you.

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    Thanks Michael,

    Anywhere in particular you would suggest doing a loop on the West side?
    We've decided that we'd be happy to miss Las Vegas and the grand canyon and stay a bit more north?
    Maybe if we flew from East to Seattle or somewhere around there and did a loop out towards Denver? We could also possibly look at doing a one way, towards the Denver area and then fly back to west coast to come home? We'd still get to see some cowboy country along the way? Which would balance out our desire to head to Texas in the first place?
    My partner is set on Colorado, so that is why I am working towards that.

    If we arrived in Denver or West Coast around mid May, will we face any issues with road closures due to snow? Or accommodation if we want to do a loop up through Wyoming whilst there?
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    I'm not Michael, but there are a number of popular loops here on the West Coast.

    One would be out of Denver or Salt Lake City -- Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain National Park, Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, to name just a few.

    Another would be out of Las Vegas -- Zion, Bryce Canyon, either the north rim (less popular) or south rim of the Grand Canyon, and more.


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    I've come up with a bit of a trip journey, but would appreciate feedback.
    I have not done much research into the smaller towns, they just seemed like a good mid point for driving. Happy for advice or other directions to go.
    I am very aware that accommodation is quite pricey in the National Parks at this time so would appreciate any accommodation suggestions.

    Can you please advise if roads are going to be fine to drive during May?

    Seattle 3 days
    Seattle to Moses Lake (3 hrs) 1 night
    Moses Lake to Spokane (1.5hrs) 2 nights
    Spokane to Missoula (3hrs) 1 night
    Missoula to Helena (1.45hrs) 2nights
    Helena to Billings (3.5hrs) 1 night
    Billings to Buffalo (2.5hrs) 1nights
    Buffalo to Rapid City (3hrs) 3nights
    Rapid City to Chadron (1.5hrs) 1 night
    Chadron to Cheyenne (3hrs) 2nights
    Cheyenne to Denver (1.45hrs)

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    Default Check what's available away from the interstates.

    If Colorado is high on your list of priorities, why not fly into Denver? From there you could visit many of the attractions in Colorado. You could look for accommodation in one or two of the lovely mountain towns, such as Ouray or Silverton, to name just two. I don't know of one road in Colorado which is not scenic and has some wonderful attraction along the way..... all marked on your maps.

    From there you could head to Wyoming, around Cody for cowboy country. If time permits you could do a loop back to Denver, either heading North through Montana and South Dakota, or South through Utah. You could even include a drive-thru Yellowstone, and see Old faithful, head down through The Tetons to Utah.

    My problem with your plan as set out is, it appears to follow only the interstates and the cities along the way. As well you state that Colorado is a must for you, but you would be spending all your time driving to there, and spending precious little time in CO itself. There is much more to see if you get away from the big cities and the interstates and look at all the other routes available to you, and the lovely towns - most of which will have suitable accommodation.


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    Ok so it feels like we've done a full circle and come back to close to our original plan.
    We would appreciate some feedback on our rough itinerary please, including any unrealistic goals and any suggestions or replacements of places/things to do along the way:

    1 Week Ireland
    3 nights Boston
    5 nights NYC
    Fly NYC to Nashville and pick up car
    2 nights Nashville
    2 nights Memphis
    1 night Hot Springs
    2 nights Fort Smith
    2 nights Oklahoma City
    1 night Elk City
    2 nights Amarillo
    2 nights Albuquerque
    2 nights Santa Fe
    1 night ?? (between Santa Fe and Colorado Springs)
    4 nights Denver area
    1 night Cheyenne
    3 nights
    Rapid City
    2 nights Buffalo
    1 or 2 nights either back towards Denver to fly West Coast OR make our way to another town that we can fly West Coast from.
    1 week San Francisco to LA

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