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    I will be travelling from Boston ma. To myrtle beach Sc. at the end of July. I'm planning to drive straight there without staying over night at any inn or hotel, as my partner and I have decided to take turns driving when the other feels exhausted. Any suggestions of the best routes to take? And any tips of driving will be appreciated.

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    You should go back and rethink this plan to drive straight through. Even with 2 drivers, almost 900 miles is about 16-18 hours of driving (depending on traffic). Whoever is not driving should be a second set of eyes for the driver. It's just as tiring as driving, and then if you're expected to take over and drive for another few hours, you have the same reflexes as a drunk driver.

    Commercial drivers are only allowed to drive for 10 hours. Then, they MUST retire to the bunk. Any time spent in the passenger seat is counted as "driving time". This is a safety law, and one that all drivers, commercial or non-commercial, should follow.

    As for routes to take -- I'll let someone else give you better routing. I'd just say to stay off I-95 as much as possible!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The most important advice you can be given is to rethink your plan to drive straight through. You're talking about a trip that's nearly 900 miles, and goes through the most congested highways on the continent. That's simply too far for 2 people to safely drive without an overnight stop.

    Taking turns is not enough. The act of sitting in a moving car alone is exhausting, and you're looking at 16-17 hours on the road, minimum, and that's in the rather unlikely event you don't see major traffic delays. After about 10 hours on the road, both of you will start to feel the affects of fatigue, and even if you don't "feel" tired, your driving abilities will start to deteriorate, much like someone who has had too much to drink. By the point where you are so exhausted that you recognize just how tired you are, you will already have been a dangerous driver for many, many miles.

    A wise roadtripper would be looking to stop and spend the night somewhere around Richmond, VA.

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    Awesome will definitely reconsider and probably take extra days off from work as I only took only 4 days off.

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