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  1. Default finishing up with itinerary (westcoast & southwest)

    So after a late start for planning a west coast and southwest road trip this August, i think i'm almost done(at least i hope so). Thanks for helping!
    I wrote done below my plan, specifying the date and accommodation for each place.
    I would like to know in overall, is my itinerary well planned?
    If i should spend 2 nights in Zion and 2 nights in Bryce like planned, or less?
    Where to stop on the way from Sequoia to Zion?
    And basically any other tips or changes will be gratefully excepted!

    *we will be 2 persons on this road trip, traveling by car, for our honeymoon. Our idea was to combine motels and campgrounds for the trip.

    Aug 2-4 Los Angeles
    2 nights

    Aug 4-5 Santa Barbara
    Cachuma lake recreation area campground
    1 night

    Aug 5-6 Morro Bay
    KOA Santa Margarita
    1 night

    Aug 6-7 Monterey
    HI Monterey hostel
    1 night

    Aug 7-10 San Francisco
    Pacific Heights Inn or Oasis Inn (need to decide)
    3 nights

    Aug 10-12 Yosemite
    Crane Flat camp
    Wawona camp
    2 nights, each night different camp

    Aug 12-13 Sequoia National Park
    KOA Visalia
    1 night

    Aug 13-14 Drive towards Zion
    accommodation not decided
    1 night

    Aug 14-16 Zion National Park
    Campground not decided
    2 nights

    Aug 16-18 Bryce Canyon
    Quality Bryce Inn
    2 nights

    Aug 18-19 Page
    Wahweap campground
    1 night

    Aug 19-21 Grand Canyon
    Mather campground
    2 nights

    Aug 21-23 Las Vegas
    Linq Hotel
    2 nights

    Thanks All!!

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    Default A lovely trip.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You have a nice trip laid out and will have an amazing time. If you are still planning and not actually booked I would consider reversing your trip so that you will be heading south down the coast with the Ocean on your side of the road. It's not a big deal though. The one thing I would change if possible is to go from SF to Sequoia NP and then to Yosemite so you can exit the park on route to Zion over the spectacular Tioga Pass [CA120]. Had you planned to visit this part of the high country anyway, it will save you a few miles as well.

    For Zion I would look at the 'Watchman campground' although it may already be booked out.

  3. Default

    Thanks for your reply Dave!

    We land in LA and take off from Vegas, so i think i wont be possible to reverse the trip, plus all the accommodation i mention is already booked(although some have free cancellation).

    I can try to cancel Yosemite and Sequoia campground booking and after San Francisco head to sequoia and then Yosemite but it will result in some cancellation fees and the possibility of no reservations left.
    Also, since all campgrounds in Yosemite Valley are fully booked we will probably end up camping a little further out which might result in extra drive time to get back to the road and exiting through Tioga Pass. (for instance: if our second night will be in Wawona, we will have to drive back north to exit trough Tioga Pass.)
    Although i must admit that driving through Tioga Pass sounds like a really good idea and unfortunately i haven't thought if it when i booked!
    Considering the information above, would you still recommend making these changes to the itinerary or have any ideas?


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    If you can't rebook within the National Parks, then I would probably leave things as is. What you've got will still work - you could even backtrack and still cross the Sierra's through Tioga Pass, although that's not ideal.

    I will warn that KOAs often aren't the best choice for tent camping. Tent sites are often an afterthought compared to RV campers, and the prices are usually quite a bit higher than other campgrounds. I'd especially make note of that for Sequoia, as Visalia isn't a great location to visit Sequoia anyway. You're looking at about 2 hours of driving from the heart of Sequoia to get to that KOA. I'd really be looking for a site within Sequoia if possible.

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    Thanks for the tip!!
    I'll check if there are any campgrounds available, although i guess my chances are not so good.
    Maybe I'll cancel and try my luck with first come first serve sites...

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    Default Don't rush.

    Why not leave the booking until you pick up a new one. You might pick up someone's cancellation at the very last minute. You never know. People's plans change, and cancellations pop up all the time. Check frequently.... even several times per day.


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    I would leave things as they are and keep checking to see if there are any sites available and book them before cancelling. Camping in the parks is one of the highlights for me [in an RV at least] and as you have 2 nights in Yosemite you could always drive up Tioga Pass to Tenaya lake and Tuolumne meadows and back. What ever you do in Yosemite, don't miss the views from Glacier point !!

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    Good idea :)

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    Your mention of staying at a KOA for Sequoia did jog a memory for me. As a kid my family did a roadtrip to California and I remember staying at a KOA near Sequoia, but it wasn't in Visalia. Based on my memory and a little bit of research, I think it was what is now the Lemon Cove RV Park (It stands out in my memory both for having lemons and olive trees growing there).

    Of course, my trip would have taken place in the late 80's and lord knows a lot likely has changed in 30 years, but it might be something to consider.

  10. Default My Options...

    ill break it down to my options regarding aug10-aug13
    what would be the recommended one?

    original plan:
    aug10-aug12 yosemite
    aug12-aug13 sequoia national park
    aug13 head towards zion

    i am now considering:
    aug10-11 sequoia
    aug11-13 yosemite
    aug13 head to zion, exit yosemite through tioga pass

    other option:
    aug10-12 yosemite (like original plan)
    aug12-13 calaveras big trees
    aug13 head to zion, exit through Ebbetts Pass, US 395

    last option:
    aug10-12 yosemite (like original plan)
    aug12-13 tioga pass-mammoth lakes (skip sequoia)
    aug13 head to zion

    Thanks For Your Replies So Far!

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