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    Default Best small truck to tow?

    We are looking to buy something we can tow behind our 39 ft Fleetwood Discovery. Would like to consider a small truck. 2 current issues cause us to think this will will be best.... 1. We kayak, and currently storage of them in transit is a pain. Currently they are inside the Rv - not ideal! 2. We like to bike and have a trailer hitch bike rack. We are thinking of putting both these items on the toad instead and would equip the small truck with cap and overhead racks (maybe a ladder rack type setup??) for the kayaks and put bike rack on back. We're thinking a 2 wd truck that we can pull flat footed. Anybody with tips on this? We've considered a larger jeep since word is those are tow friendly, but the kayaks are 10 ft long and we'd like to make sure they are secure and not too long for the toad roof. Sound like a do-able setup??

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    Here is a list of manufacturer-approved flat towable vehicles from 2000 to 2016.

    The Jeep Wrangler seems to be the most popular toad for several reasons.

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    I responded in private messages, so please refer to that.

    A later discussion with my husband, who has been talking about this with our neighbor at more length, said that only 4 vehicles can really be towed "4-down" without a lot of modifications.


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    Well, there are a lot more than just 4, if you click on my first link.

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