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Hi and welcome to RTA !

Personally speaking, When creating routes with a number of Custom places, I think that creating a few Maps [even daily] is actually easier than trying to get everything on one. I also think it's easiest to start with a simple Map as more of an exercise as it's quite straight forward once you have been 'hands on' and completed a couple.

Second what Dave said above.

The RTA mapping experience has been frustrating to me. Kinda took me back to the MS-DOS days ;)

Two alternatives include
- https://roadtrippers.com/ and
- http://ttp.aaa.com/TripTik/ (not sure if you have to be a member to save maps/routes)
I liked the overall ease of use for the AAA TripTik on-line map planner, its flexibility and features. You will have to play around with it a bit to learn the quirks. You can also print out abbreviated and extensive route plans to PDF.

Bing Maps is becoming increasingly attractive. Point and shoot buttons for showing gas stations along your route (along with gas station brand and price). I don't believe you can save routes but it is worthwhile exploring.