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    Hi everyone, my daughter just graduated from ASU. she has her new car out there so we decided to drive back. She has her heart set on heading west to LA for an overnight and shopping visit. I'd love to go either PCH or thru Sonoma North. I'm not an expert road tripper at all. Any guidance you can offer, routes, places to stop off stretch our legs etc. Ideally in 3 nights 4 days. Thank you.

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    Default Something has to give.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Tempe to Seattle via LA is a 3 day drive with no other time to spare than that needed for short stops and at overnight destinations. Now if your daughter wants to spend time shopping in LA, that's just about the time done. The PCH from LA to SF is a 2 day drive with the slow going curves and sights to see. So the reality is you will need more time or you will have to pick at the bare bones remaining.

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    wow, thank you for quick response. I appreciate your candidness. given our maximum time (thursday am departure to Sunday pm arrival in seattle, i have to work monday) what are the ideal routes suggested? Thank you again :)

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    This is where you need to talk to your daughter and if LA is a must do then your options are limited. Tempe to LA is likely to take 6 to 7 hours depending on traffic and where you go to. From LA it's a two day drive up I-5 with time for short breaks from the car and then settle down to a relaxing evening meal. So there really isn't an ideal route other than the one you want to take and can manage with your time. For example if it were I with the same amount of time I would consider going to Vegas and then through the Great basin to Twin Falls and up through Boise and would avoid the urban sprawl of LA like the plague ! I would see if I could work a quick visit to the Grand canyon in, but none of that matters, that's me. Once you have chatted and decided on a plan we can help you put it together.

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    Default Not Necessarily Either/Or

    Unfortunately, it looks as though you and your daughter have competing interests for your upcoming RoadTrip. Your daughter wants to shop and you want to see some scenery. If you go by way of Los Angeles, you'll have already added enough miles to your trip than you can only choose one of those. One possible compromise would be to head home using US-60/US-93 up to Las Vegas (has some high-end shopping in the various hotels and casinos) and then continue on I-15 north past Zion National Park and the Great Salt Lake to I-84 along the Snake River to I-82/I-90 into Seattle. That's still roughly three days driving, so your time shopping and sightseeing is still going to be limited, but it might be a compromise that works a little bit better for the two of you.


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